Africa Charter Airline


Africa Charter Airline, was born out of Outsourcing for Africa, an already established name in the Charter Industry, providing aircraft for short term leasing and contracts.


Broken Arrow Security


Broken Arrow Security is a company specialising in a wide variety of custom made security solutions for their customers. From personal panic buttons and escort services to Vehicle Tracking and Cellular Surveillance


ThL Mobile


ThL Mobile Phones - Watch & Record TV While on the Move


Young Einsteins


Young Einsteins offers students expert tuition in a fun learning environment. The use of technologies like interactive white boards, laptops and projectors provide a stimulating multimedia experience for learners. Classes are exam-focused and provided in a motivating atmosphere that encourages students to seek knowledge and gain understanding.


Mandorren Academic & Sport


Mandorren is a CO-ED school catering for pupils from Grade R to Grade 12. At Mandorren we focus on excellence in academics and sport. To this end we have the best teachers and staff to ensure that your child gets the best education as possible to ensure that your child becomes a professional in their field. We focus on values and discipline as well as the well-being of each pupil.


Christo Reeders Attorneys


Christo Reeders Attorneys is a leading legal firm specialising in Environmental Law, Mining Law and Commercial Litigation.


Afri1 Power


Afri1 Power is a market leader in national supply & installation of long and short term Power Backup Solutions. Afri1 Power offers UPS solutions for load shedding and power cuts. Customised Uninterruptable Power Supply products range from 1KVA to 200KVA. Products include UPS batteries, UPS cabinets, UPS remote monitoring & UPS corporate maintenance contracts.


Lounge Society


With the ability to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion, Lounge Society offers a unique notion in the leisure hire industry. Our self manufactured loungers turn vacant space into practical functionality. By utilizing modern trends and stylish designs, we produce the definitive lounging experience.


Team Unleashed


Team Unleashed goes beyond playing competitive paintball at the highest level available in South Africa. The team is known for their quality of play and fairness as competitors. Members promote paintball by creating awareness of the sport at every opportunity. Team Unleashed assists in the growth of the sport through the development of new paintball players through our open door policy, anyone willing to learn and train is welcome.




Spidereye is a Johannesburg based company that concentrates and specializes in Digital Surveillance solutions. On their website you will find prices and information on their very professional installations.


Family Fitness Website


Get with the program! Family Fitness centre is an extremely upmarket health club with every thrill you can imagine. The center focusses on everything from family, diet, weight training, weight loss, aerobics, aqua aerobics, passive training, inch by inch and many more activities.


Liquid Taste Adventures


Liquid Taste Adventures, producers of Edge sports drinks, Kwa-Afreeka mineral water and Plus Taste concentrate.




Plastrim (PTY) Ltd is a company which manufactures profiles for the furniture industry in Southern Africa with over fourty years of experience. We developed a website for Plastrim focussing on the showcasing and display of their available products. As always, all of the website content is easily managed through an on-line administration interface running off our content management system.


Member Reports

Member Reports is a supplementary application for existing business management software. This was developed by us for Family Fitness to assist in accounts management. It can be used to draw lists of specified details on accounts that matches several different conditions.


Planet Fitness

Tyrmida currently maintains a Digital Video Recording backup solution for multiple branches of the Planet Fitness gym group. Video and audio surveillance recordings are being stored for three years onto completely hot-plugable servers running with a redundant array of independent disks. This data is then periodically transferred and kept off-site. All backup servers as well as the DVR servers are monitored electronically on a 24-hours-a-day basis with email and sms notifications.




A website with Guided Material divided into various sections to assist you in life. This project is like one big literary work composed out of different books with their chapters, with extra additions such as the acronyms list. All easily managed through the administration utility.



This is a fine example of our content management system in use, with a plethora of sections such as picture galleries, news, posts, projects, articles, polls rss feeds and more. It has an extremely advanced but still easy-to-use administration utility where different administrator groups can be created with their specific access to certain sections of the main website.




Stroomop is an online religious community for restricted users with interactive sections such as a forums, java chat and other reading material, as well as a shoutbox where users can send messages to each other back and forth while they are on the site.


Tuks FM Email Server

As problems such as spam and virii escalated at Tuks FM and the existing mail setup was found incompetent, we put in an advanced virtual-mailhosting email server, complete with spam and virus filtering, user quotas, webmail, pop3 imap and authorized smtp support.



We developed this equipment-tracking system after we were approached by someone from the Telus notebook company. It keep tracks of employees taking out certain company-owned equipment and keeps a log of all transactions. We designed equitrack with wide configuration in mind as the installation was done self.


Edesk PHP

A server-side, web driven useraccount based filesharing application that was developed for an educational environment. Accessed with any standard web-browser, this allows account holders to share files and work on group-projects together. It is extremely configurable and supports functions such as user usage quotas.

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